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Day 3: Happy 2011

For a couple of self-evident reasons, you rarely hear anyone boasting about what an amazing and wild day he had on the first of january. I woke at 13h to a knock on my door and we all repaired to the hotel restaurant for brunch. A large bowl of Tom Yum Kung and four iced teas made me feel marginally more human, and very nearly up to a whole day of doing absolutely nothing.

We walked maybe fifty meters on the beach before settling down. Everyone jumped in the water and started bodysurfing in the waves while I took pictures. I kept going further into the sea and crouching lower to get the angle just right, and of course before long I got rushed by a big wave and thoroughly soaked. My camera got somewhat splashed as well, apparently without consequences, so kudos to Canon's weatherproofing. Shortly after I went for a swim myself and soon came out with a bloody elbow and a sore shoulder after overshooting a wave and tumbling clumsily on the abrasive sand in foot-high water. Drat.

As the sun came down we walked along Lamai's small shopping street looking for a massage and pedicure parlor, and quickly found one, so all the girls sat down for forty minutes with absolute bliss on their face while their toenails turned to a more saturated color.


We rounded out the day by eating out on the beach, an incredibly addictive activity. (On returning from my last trip to Thailand it took me a while to adjust to eating without hearing waves splashing in the background.) We were all asleep by midnight.