Hi, I'm Serge. I'd like to thank you for visiting this site and taking a vague interest in what I do.

I'm a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. At the age of eight I got my first camera, a plastic disposable I carried all over the Canary Islands. The trip yielded 24 photos, the best of which pictured an out-of-focus road sign partially obscured by my fingers. That was twenty years ago. I like to think I've gotten a bit better in the meantime.

If you like my portfolio, you might want to check out my blog or the travelogue I wrote about my trip to China. If you're looking for a photographer and think I might be a good match, call me at +32 486 77 97 29 or drop me an email. In all cases, feel free to follow me on twitter or anywhere else using the cute little icons on the right.

Thanks again for visiting and have a great day !