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The Many-Worlds Interpretation of GOP Politics

Last week, Jeb Bush said this about Donald Trump:

“Look, this guy’s the front-runner, he should be treated like a front-runner, not like some kind of alternative universe to the political system.”

That's funny, because conservative pundits have for months acted like the GOP would nominate a principled conservative leader who held office during a housing bubble knows how to create jobs, has broad appeal, and the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. That would be Jeb Bush.

It turns out GOP primary voters have no interest in reasonable conservatives. They want a loudmouth who treats women and immigrants and the non-rich like dirt, puts them in their place and makes sure they stay there. Conservative principles don't matter. Having a credible political programme certainly doesn't matter. Not only is Trump the front-runner, the clear second is Ben Carson, who may be more polite but whose policies are just as crazy.

Sorry Jeb. The election is a long way away, but for now, Trump is not the "alternative universe". You are.

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