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Reasons YouTube Sucks

Mr Angry is taking a shot at youtube. Despite its technical achievements as a video sharing website, its community features are appaling -- which might explain why YouTube comments have some of the worst signal to noise ratio on the web.

Question of the day : will google fix YouTube before somebody else comes up with a better solution and customers flee from youtube in droves ?

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Reader Comments (1)

YouTube is great, but ... if your upload automatically triggers the "Content Matching" then your upload is assumed to be guilty - and - Google assumes the content match claim to be true.

Therefore, you only have one option available shy of deletion: Submit Dispute. This requires you to submit your full name!?

I repeat: Google requires you to send your name to the alleged identity of the alleged match. Furthermore, Google does not provide the user with the complete legal name of the person administering the match.

Therefore, Google has utter disregard for you and your privacy. Google caters to the Partners enrolled in the Content Matching Program. Their identity is deemed more private and valuable than yours. Your identity is expendable whereas Google shields their Content Partners.

It would be best to delete the content in question rather than submit to the self-incriminating Dispute Process.

But ... other than that minor caveat YouTube is a great service!

September 28, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterSherman Research

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