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Ten Signs You Want to Be a "Serious" Photographer

I know those "Ten Things" lists can get pretty lame, but I couldn't find any like this one, and I thought it would be an easy way to conclusively prove to my esteemed readers that I am, indeed, slightly mad.

  1. You have a special B&H wishlist just for camera bags.

  2. You chose your whole camera system in a week and never looked back, but four years later you're still looking for the right tripod.

  3. You sort national parks in preferred visiting order.

  4. During holidays, you get up three hours earlier than on working days.

  5. You don't understand why anyone would buy a car when they could get a 600/4.0 for the same price.

  6. You don't see anything ridiculous in staying in the exact same spot for forty minutes waiting for the light to improve.

  7. You consider anyone who doesn't know about adjustment layers technologically illiterate.

  8. You think of your laptop mainly as a Portable Storage Device.

  9. You refer to your travel companions as "interesting compositional elements".

  10. And, last but not least, you get really sick of hearing "Wow. You must have a really good camera".

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