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New programming Language!

Name: Fortress
Developer: Sun Microsystems
Aim: kill Fortran (and good riddance)

The Fortress language incorporates a mathematical syntax, meaning that mathematic symbols are operators and can be used to write a program. As a result, mathematical operations look exactly the same in the code as they would as they do in the mathematical textbooks, or on the professors' whiteboards.[...]

Fortress features both implicit and explicitly parallelism, Flood said. Unlike every other programming language, Fortress assumes that the functions you write can run in parallel. A programmer has to specify when this is not the case. It will also divvy out work among multiple processors.

[...]units of measurements are types, assuring that no mistakes will be made multiplying, say, kilometers with miles.

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Reader Comments (1)

Il n'y a que Warzée qui donnera pour l'éternité ses projets en fortran

October 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRolando

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