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I'm Moving!

I'm moving the blog over from Blogger to SquareSpace. I've been on Blogger for four years now, and I've become somewhat tired of it. It's a very decent solution out of the box (especially considering it's free) but any customization is awkward and time-consuming. I considered going the full self-hosted Wordpress route, but I've done enough website administration in the past to know I'd rather avoid it if at all possible. SquareSpace seems to strike the right balance between effort and customizability for me. It also has many nice features for photographers, which came in handy since I needed to get my portfolio online quickly.

I'll probably be fiddling with the design for awhile, but apart from that the transition should be seamless. If you're following this blog in a newsreader you probably haven't noticed anything yet, and if everything works out as it's supposed to, you won't.

Thank you for following this blog, and here's to years of happiness in our new home :-)

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