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Social Sharing Needs to go

Four times a week I watch an episode of The Daily Show on the web, and four times a week I get asked whether I'd like to share my "Daily Show activity" on Facebook. No, I don't. Facebook's push for media consumption oversharing is ridiculous.

Not that I'm against sharing. I share links every day on facebook and twitter, but I choose to do so. When I find something good that my followers might be interested in, I share it with them, and hopefully they find some value in that. But I don't want to share everything I read, not because I read embarrassing stuff, but because the mere information that I've read something is completely meaningless. I read lots of things. Some of them prove to be a waste of time. If those were shown on my facebook timeline on par with those I found really interesting, my feed would lose what little value I think it has today.

Specifically, I watch every single episode of the Daily Show. My friends know this. Activating social sharing would give them only one additional piece of info: the time at which I watch specific episodes. Which is worthless.

The whole value of sharing is that you choose what you share. Facebook's misnamed "Social" sharing destroys this. It needs to go.

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May 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterR.

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